The Chicking Winter Special is available only in Chicking Al Khail Gate outlet.


Have a Chicking winter party for less than Dh50


DUBAI – Popular fast food chain Chicking is offering merrymakers this holiday with a party treat for less than Dh50.

The Chicking Winter Special, available only in Chicking Al Khail Gate outlet, offers three combos that foodies can grab for a quick party for only Dh49.75.

The first combo includes Chicking’s popular spaghetti platter and Hawaiian pizza Overload, which they can enjoy with a large serving of fries and 1 litre of cola.

The second combo includes six pieces of Chicking’s signature fried chicken, with spaghetti platter, large fries and a litre of cola.

The third combo includes Chicking’s most requested Hawaiian Overload pizza, paired with six pieces of signature fried chicken with three servings of special gravy, plus a side dish of large fries. It also comes with a litre of cola. PR/Expat Media


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