The Abu Dhabi Police Happiness Patrol.


If this Abu Dhabi police patrol stops you, it’s your lucky day!


DUBAI – If a rainbow-coloured police patrol car stops you on the road in Abu Dhabi, just smile. You are about to be hit with all shades of happiness, not a fine!

Abu Dhabi Police’s Happiness Patrol has been plying roads since 2016, spreading a culture of happiness to residents and visitors by giving away vouchers, certificates, and even a free tour!

The Happiness Patrol recently gave an Afghan family from the Emirates Humanitarian City a tour of the UAE capital.

The Afghan family loved their day out and marveled at the beauty of Abu Dhabi and its architecture. To remind them of their trip, Abu Dhabi Police gave them souvenir gifts.

Emirates Humanitarian City is currently temporarily hosting many Afghan families who have fled Afghanistan before they head to their next destinations. ICA/Expat Media

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