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Up to 94% discount in 145 UAE government service fees


DUBAI – The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has reduced the fees for 145 services, including 17 services fees reduced by between 50 percent and 94 percent, as well as 128 services and transactions provided by its services centres, which are the Tas’heel, Tad-beer, Twa-foq and Tawjeeh centres, along with the Taqyeem service.

The reductions are in implementation of the UAE Cabinet’s resolution regarding the fees and fines of the ministry.

According to the resolution, the ministry will exempt fishing boats and certain companies from fees for applying permits to employ a citizen of the UAE or another Gulf Cooperation Council, GCC, country.

Nasser bin Thani Al Hamli, Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, said that the reduction to the fees is part of the government’s efforts to create an environment that attracts investors and support entrepreneurs and business owners, through reducing their operational costs related to recruiting and employing workers, and empowering Emirati nationals to find work in the private sector.

According to the resolution, the fee for applying for a work permit for residing in the country through their parents’ residency for certain companies will be reduced from Dh200 to Dh100.

The resolution also sets a fee of Dh300 for applying for two-year work permits for those in the country through their parents’ residency to work for various types of companies, whether they are skilled or unskilled.

The previous fees for issuing two-year work permits to those in the country on their parents’ residency, whether skilled or unskilled, for Category 1 establishments was Dh300. This figure is Dh500 for skilled workers in Category 2 Level A and Dh1,000 for unskilled workers, Dh2,000 for skilled workers in Level B, Dh1,500 for skilled workers in Level C and Dh2,500 for unskilled workers, Dh2,000 for skilled workers in Level D and Dh3,000 for unskilled workers, and Dh5,000 for both types of workers in Category 3, reducing the total cost to companies by 94 percent.

The fee to request work permits was reduced from Dh200 to Dh100, while the fee for issuing and renewing permits for skilled workers was also reduced by 50 percent for certain categories of companies. The current fee for issuing and renewing permits for Category 1 establishments amounts to Dh150, and Dh250 for Category 2 Level, Dh500 for Level B, Dh750 for Level C, Dh1,000 for Level D, and Dh2,500 for Category 3.

According to the resolution, the fee for requesting a permit to transfer and employ skilled workers from one establishment to another that both have the same owners or are partner companies, as well as the fee for requesting for transferring or employing skilled workers from one establishment to another, will be reduced by 50 percent, from the current fee of Dh50. The fee for issuing such a permit for two years will also decrease by 50 percent, from a current fee of Dh75 for Category 1 Companies, Dh124 for Category 2 Level A, Dh250 for Level B, Dh375 for Level C, and Dh500 for Level D, while the fee for Category 3 amounts to Dh1,250.

The resolution reduced the fees of the requests of the juvenile work permits, the temporary work permit, part-time work permit, training permit, worker testing permit, and the work mission permit by 50 percent for the different establishment categories.

The current fee for each request of the mentioned permit amounts to Dh50, while the current fee for requesting the adjustment of the work contract amounts to Dh100 for the different categories of establishments with the reduction percentage amounting to 50 percent.

The resolution also reduced the fee of licensing the mediation agency for one year and renewing it by 50 percent. The current licensing fee amounts to Dh25,000 and renewal is Dh12,500 which is the same reduction percentage for licensing the temporary employment agency for a year and renewing it. The current fee for licensing is Dh50,000 and renewal is Dh25,000. WAM


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