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World’s 5 weakest passports: Why is Pakistan included?


DUBAI – While the UAE has been ranked as the world’s most powerful passport of 2021, the latest Global Passport Index also revealed the world’s five weakest passports.

The Global Passport Index, released by Arton Capital, evaluates the power of 199 passports, with its ranking based on ease of international travel and visa-free travel for passport holders.

While the UAE passport allows holders to have visa-free entry to 152 countries, the world’s weakest passports can only provide visa-free access between 32 to 37 countries.

So which are the weakest passports in the world?

The Afghanistan passport has been ranked the weakest passport in the world, based on the list of 199 countries.

This is because Afghan passport holders only have access to 32 countries where they can get visa-free travel, and 28 countries with visa on arrival.

Coming in second place is the Iraq passport, which can only provide visa-free travel to 33 countries; followed by the Syrian passport with visa-free travel to 34 countries.

The Pakistan passport ranked fourth on the weakest passport list, with passport holders getting visa-free travel to only 37 countries and visa on arrival to 31 countries. There are 161 countries that Pakistan passport holders cannot visit unless they apply for a visa.

Meanwhile, the Somalian passport came in fifth in the ranking for world’s weakest passports, allowing passport holders visa-free travel to 37 countries, while needing a visa to enter 161 countries. ICA/Expat Media

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