Project Rising Star in Dubai is an immersive experience that is sure to spook you out.


Zombies take over Big Bus Dubai, QE2


DUBAI – Prepare to be petrified when you hop on to the zombie-infested Big Bus Dubai and more “terrifying sights” inside the QE2 this month until November 2.

The “horrific” experience is part of the limited-time Open Top Haunted Night Shuttle Bus from Dubai Mall to the floating hotel QE2.

The ride’s spooky twist is combined with memorable ghost storytelling. The “haunted” bus will run at one-hour intervals starting at 6pm until 9pm, until November 2.

Guests can then hop off at the QE2 to embark on an immersive experience that will leave them quaking in their boots.

The experience is based on a fictional story designed by the creative team at Pursued by a Bear that explores the early days of the QE2. The storyline begins in 1972, when a secretive group of investors unexpectedly pitched in funding for a mysterious project.

However, this influential and shadowy group cordoned off and locked up the lower decks for their private use only. For the decades that followed, no one was allowed in the space. The only thing that came out was the occasion scream…

Only recently, with the ship docked in Dubai, this space has finally been unlocked. In a decades-long scheme these mysterious men codenamed Project Rising Star, a disturbing series of botched and failed human experiments were conducted.

“We are very excited to be the venue for this first-of-its-kind haunted immersive tour on board. Being one of the oldest of Dubai’s iconic attractions, the history and heritage of the QE2 provides the perfect canvas from which to create a terrifying storyline that blends historical fact and fiction,” said Katie King, Director of Marketing of QE2.

Open to the public, Project Rising Star, invites all residents to unravel the mystery of the lower decks of the famous ship that have been locked-away for years.

Robert Duce, Chief Executive Officer of Outside the Box Events, said: “We are.. very excited to watch the audience unlock the 3 levels of terror. We definitely love to add levels of fun and excitement especially when unravelling the missing puzzle of QE2’s mysterious history.”

Philip Apaza, Executive Producer of the Project Rising Star experience, described it as a “psychologically challenging experience”. PR


For a chance to win tickets for the Big Bus Night Tour and Project Rising Star Attraction, share your scariest picture outside Dubai’s iconic landmarks and QE2 with #bigbustours and tag them on Facebook and Instagram @BigBusTours.


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