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Filipino traits that others find wonderful or weird


LAOS –  Yesterday at the Teachers’ Lounge, I had a very interesting conversation with my American and British colleagues.

They were quite amazed to know that Filipinos working abroad send money back home to support their families and loved ones.

My American colleague was even aghast and shocked, commenting why it was very unique, weird, and amazing that Filipinos support their loved ones financially because apparently it was no longer a responsibility for someone to support others. Until yesterday, I honestly thought this practice was just human nature.

So I shared with them what I knew of Filipino culture, and they gave me their opinion and impressions on what they thought about us. Here’s what they think about Filipinos:


Filipinos are very patient with students, kind, always smiling and hospitable. They always say “yes” when asked to do something. My colleagues said they also noticed that Filipinos are good employees. The British even admitted that was why Filipinos tend to stay longer as teachers in schools because the students like them more.


Filipinos are little brown Americans. Filipinos always want to be somebody else. They are always imitating other people’s culture.

I am really saddened to know that this is how they perceive us.

On the other hand, when people say Filipinos imitate others, we don’t take offense in it. In fact, we just accept it as it is, shrug our shoulders and say, “So what?” and see it as a positive aspect.

Your thoughts my dear kababayans?

Faith Ruth Villanueva is a Laos-based teacher who loves music, art, sports and photography. When she’s not in the classroom, the shoestring budget traveler is out and about – checking places off-the-beaten track and travelling the world one continent at a time. Follow her on Facebook.


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