Marilou Bautista Nool is battling with cancer.


Filipina with cancer in Dubai pleads for help: I want to get well


DUBAI – A Filipina in Dubai left bedridden due to cancer is pleading for help to get a life-saving treatment costing more than Dh130,000.

“I want to get well,” Marilou Bautista Nool told from her bed in a small room that she shares with her son and mother in a villa along Al Wasl Road. A team from Dubai-based department store, Zaharat Al Sharq, came with our reporters to donate a trolley of grocery items to Nool. Watch the video:

June 21 update: Philippine Labour Attache Felicitas Bay told that she has referred the case to the Assistance to Nationals section at the Philippine Consulate General for assistance. Watch this space for updates

Nool had reached out to for help in sharing her story, in hopes of knocking on kind hearts for help.

The 51-year-old Filipina, a household worker in the UAE in the last 18 years, lost her job last year after she was hit with cancer.

She has been diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, a cancer that attacks the white cells, the body’s fighting mechanism against infections.

A hospital report, a copy of which was seen by, showed that Nool must undergo a six-month chemotherapy treatment estimated to cost Dh130,318.

“I haven’t had a job or income since last year. We really can’t afford my medical treatment,” Nool said in tears. She missed her first session on June 13 due to lack of funds. Without treatment, she has gotten weaker with each passing day and has lost nearly half her normal weight.

She also worries about Dh21,000 in fees that she owes to a local hospital after she was first admitted there last year due to painful lumps in her body. After undergoing a series of tests, she was diagnosed with cancer. She was allowed to go home after giving her passport as a form of guarantee.

While praying for a “miracle” to be able to pay for her treatment, the Filipina is currently enduring the pain of her illness on top of living in a cramped room with her son, a meat dicer, who barely earns enough to cover their rent, food and daily expenses.

While he works, his grandmother, Nool’s 78-year-old mother, helps take care of her. “I am in so much pain. My leg and hips hurt. I can’t move unless someone carries me,” Nool cried.

She is desperately seeking for medical help. “Even just one session, just for the pain to go away,” she said.

“Please help me… whoever can read this or watch this… I am asking for your help, please help me overcome this,” a crying Nool said. PIA/Expat Media | To reach out to Marilou Bautista Nool, contact +971501492283


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