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Want to get 100% discount on Dubai traffic fine? Do this


DUBAI – There’s a chance to get your Dubai traffic fine scrapped without paying a dirham, and it’s all part of Dubai Police’s road safety campaign.

Traffic safety is a priority in the UAE and the Dubai Police has gone through great lengths to make sure that everyone—from drivers to pedestrians—works together to ensure that the roads are safe for everyone.

On Thursday (August 22), the Dubai Police said that motorists can get a 100 percent discount on their traffic fine if they do not commit any traffic violation for 12 months.

The police said that since the launch of the campaign in February, as many as 425,371 motorists received the traffic fine discount.

Here’s how you can avail of traffic fine discounts under the police initiative:

25% discount: no traffic offence for three months

50% discount: no traffic offence for six months

75% discount: no traffic offence for nine months

100% discount: no traffic offence for 12 months


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