At the auction of mobile number 0569999999.


UAE’s most expensive mobile number sold for Dh3 million


DUBAI – The UAE’s most expensive mobile number sold for Dh3 million as part of an auction to raise funds for Dubai’s 100 Million Meals campaign.

Mobile number 0569999999 sold to the highest bidder at the recent Emirates Auction that raised a total of more than Dh50 million for charity. Watch the auction here:

Other special mobile numbers that were auctioned off included 0569999999, which sold for Dh260,000 and 0569999993, which sold for Dh150,000.

Mobile number 0545555558 sold for Dh130,000 while 0549999993 was snapped up for Dh100,000.

Special car plates, including AA9, were also auctioned off, raising a total of Dh48.5 million and Dh1.95 million through direct donations from those who attended the auction.

After a fierce bidding, the special car plate number AA9 was sold for Dh38 million, making it the world’s second-most expensive number plate ever sold.

Other fancy number plates sold at the auction include U31, which sold for Dh2.6 million; T38, which sold for Dh1.8 million and E51, which sold for Dh2.45 million.

Proceeds of the auction will be used to support the 100 Million Meals campaign, which will feed thousands of people and families across 30 countries, including Egypt, Pakistan, Jordan and Ghana. ICA/Expat Media

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