UAE Public Prosecution issues new warning against begging

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The UAE Public Prosecution has renewed its warning against begging in the country, which it said carried a hefty penalty.

On Monday (March 18), the Public Prosecution said that begging is a crime involving “soliciting a material benefit or a benefit in-kind of any from or by means”. The prosecution said that the penalty is jail time of up to three months and a minimum fine of Dh5,000.

The punishment becomes more stringent if the beggar is found not physically disabled, if he or she has an apparent source of living, if the beggar fakes being injured or disabled, if he or she pretends to be doing a service for others, or if he or she uses any other means of deceit in order to influence others to make them feel pity.

Throughout Ramadan, UAE police have intensified a crackdown on beggars in the emirates. In one instance, a female beggar was caught with Dh60,000 in her possession. ICA/Expat Media

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