UAE health professionals practicing without license can get fined up to Dh100,000

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Hefty fine for UAE health workers without license

According to a new federal regulation, anyone caught practicing as a healthcare practitioner in the UAE without a license could face up to a Dh100,000 fine.

On Wednesday, the Federal National Council (FNC) approved two draft laws governing the practice of specific health professions in the country and modified numerous articles of Federal Law No.4 of 2015.

Anyone who provides healthcare without obtaining a license under the provisions of this law or who does not meet the conditions that entitle them to a permit will be imprisoned and fined between Dh50,000 and Dh100,000 or will face one of the two penalties.

According to the law, anyone who submits fake documents or information to practice medicine or engages in illicit medical activities shall face the same penalties.

The law also orders the closure of the facility where the person is illegally practicing the health profession. BKM/ Expat Media

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