Doctors at University Hospital Sharjah.


UAE doctors perform rare surgery to save patient

Doctors in a UAE Hospital have successfully saved the life of a 90-year-old Emirati patient by performing delicate aortic surgery.

According to Professor Tariq Al Mahdi, Head of the Surgery Department at the University Hospital Sharjah, the emergency department at the hospital received a 90-year-old patient in critical condition at 11pm.

The record shows that the patient collapsed due to low blood circulation and severe pain in the abdomen and back.

After clinical examination, the consultant vascular surgeon found a case of aortic rupture, which is one of the “most critical and difficult cases.”

Despite being a critical case, Dr. Saher Arour, a consultant vascular surgeon, has decided to intervene to save the patient. They performed a compound surgery.

The patient becomes stable based on clinical and vital evaluation after surgery.

Dr. Hakam Yassin, Medical Director of the University Hospital Sharjah, said they had distinguished medical competencies working in delicate and complex surgical specialties, working as an integrated medical team. RZSP/Expat Media

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