UAE authorities confirm contaminated Bon Tum mayonnaise not sold in country

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A jar of Bon Tum mayonnaise.

The Ministry of Climate Change and Environment confirmed on Wednesday (May 15) that Bon Tum mayonnaise is not sold anywhere in the UAE.

According to the ministry, the controversial product that caused a mass food poisoning incident in Saudi Arabia has not been exported to the country. On Tuesday,  the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety authority said there are no Bon Tum mayonnaise products being sold in the emirate. The authority emphasised that it has tightened control at ports to ensure that the product does not enter outlets in Abu Dhabi, except after passing safety standards.

The move came after Saudi authorities on Sunday (May 12) recalled a batch of Bon Tum mayonnaise linked to a deadly food poisoning incident in Hamburgini restaurant in Riyadh.

One person died and 75 others were hospitalised due to food poisoning at the restaurant. Saudi Arabia’s Food and Drug Authority said that laboratory tests from a sample of Bon Tum mayonnaise served at the restaurant showed the presence of a bacteria that causes botulism. ICA/Expat Media

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