UAE authority approves penalties for cheating in year-end exams

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Cheating in the year-end exams at public and private schools in the UAE will result in punitive measures approved by the Emirates Schools Establishment.

Exams are scheduled from June 7 to June 16 for students of grade 3 to grade 12 in public and private schools under the Ministry of Education curriculum.

Students found cheating in the exams will be given a zero score. The same also applies to students who deliberately destroy the exam paper or verbally assaults a school staff member.

Strict punishment will also be meted out against any student who uses social media or the internet during the exam.

Students who physically assault fellow students or school employees will not be allowed to take any exam and will face behavioural discipline.

Repeat offenders will not be allowed to take any exam in all academic subjects in the current semester.

Teachers caught helping students cheat will be referred to a disciplinary committee for action under UAE laws and regulations. Anyone who is caught answering exams on behalf of a student will be legally considered an impersonator and will face charges of forgery under UAE law. ICA/Expat Media

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