Three expats now Dh100,000 richer with 101st Mahzooz draw

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Mohammad (left), Qadeer (middle) and Anas (right). ARCHIVE

Three lucky winners were left speechless after winning Dh100,000 each in the 101st Mahzooz weekly draw. The expats – Anas from the UK, Muhammad from Pakistan, and Qadeer from India – won the weekly raffle draw on Saturday (November 5).

They feel overwhelmed with their new windfall and echo the same emotions as 23 other lucky winners who shared the second prize of Dh1,000,000, taking home dH43,478 each. While the limited-time top prize of Dh20,000,000 is still waiting to be claimed, the 101st Mahzooz weekly draw distributed Dh1,782,300 to 1,404 winners.

Anas, a 56-year-old IT professional from the UK, has been living in the UAE for three years. The passionate equestrian describes his first reaction to discovering the moment he had won: “I did not believe it at first. I received an email notification from Mahzooz that I had won while I was out. Immediately, I checked my Mahzooz account, and I was absolutely thrilled. I was speechless with joy when I discovered I had won.

Anas appreciates that the money came at a good time, given the increasing cost of living, so he will use it appropriately. He would like to buy his wife a present and get a new car for himself with his win. An elated Anas says, Participate and have fun. Learn to relax and keep your calm. One needs to take chances to be able to win.

Muhammad, a 35-year-old tailor from Pakistan who has been living in the UAE for eight years, is overjoyed that his Dh100,000 prize will improve his life, especially for someone from a middle-class family like him. “I will use some of the money for my driving lessons because I will have more employment prospects after I get my driving license,” he said.

Muhammad didn’t find out he had won until his friends told him when he was preparing dinner on Saturday. Although he is still processing the news, he will undoubtedly want to treat himself by purchasing the latest smartphone. With his victory, he said that more of my friends and family are inspired to participate in Mahzooz.

40-year-old Indian expat Qadeer believes that his Mahzooz raffle draw victory has been, quite literally, the answer to his prayers. Working as a sales representative for a stationary store in Dubai, Qadeer has lived in the UAE for almost three decades. Qadeer is a regular participant of Mahzooz, having been a loyal customer since the beginning of the draw. As Qadeer returned from his nighttime walk, his sister, who also participates in Mahzooz frequently, informed him of his tremendous win.

The selfless expat is generous about his win and shares his commitment to pay it forward by donating a part of his winnings to charity after indulging in a smartphone.

To join Mahzooz, all participants must do is register at and purchase a water bottle for Dh35. Participants are eligible for one-line entry into the Mahzooz grand draw to win the top prize of Dh20,000,000 (for a limited period), the second prize of Dh1,000,000, or the third prize of Dh350 for each bottle purchased.

Participants will be automatically entered into the weekly raffle draw, in which three guaranteed winners will each receive Dh100,000. BKM/ Expat Media

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