Chase Sikorski is the tech entrepreneur boyfriend of Anna Delvey in the Inventing Anna series played by Sameer Usmani.


Fake socialite Anna Delvey’s boyfriend in Dubai revealed

The identity of the rumored boyfriend of Anna Sorokin, popularly known as Anna Delvey, a fake German socialite who relocated to the UAE, has been revealed.

The life story of Anna Delvey has been made popular by the Netflix limited series Inventing Anna that details how the 31-year old Russian woman scammed her way from thousands of dollars from people including the New York elite which fueled her fake German heiress life in Manhattan.

The series is based on a 2018 The Uncut magazine article written by Jessica Presler.

The crime drama was created by Scandal and Bridgerton producer Shonda Rhimes while Anna was played by Ozark star and Emmy winner Julia Garner.

Several places and characters based on real people have been changed due to their reluctance to be associated with Anna.

One of the characters whose identity used to remain concealed was her futurist tech entrepreneur boyfriend Chase Sikorkski played by Sameer Usmani in the series.

Sikorksi was introduced as a Ted Talk speaker who builds a futurist dream storing app called Wake.

The boyfriend remains unnamed in the New York article and was merely described as someone who is inseparable from Anna like a team.

They would often frequent in places for the wealthy as well as “living out of fancy hotels and hosting scene-y dinners where the Futurist talked up his app, and Delvey spoke of the private club she wanted to open.”

A turn of events led the boyfriend to move to the Emirates while Anna remained in New York.

With the launch of the series, several speculations have surfaced regarding the identity of Sivorksi.

Anna, despite currently prisoned in New York and awaiting deportation to Russia, attempted to create more hype by giving an exclusive of her real-life boyfriend details to the media outlet with the highest bid. The auction starts at $10,000 (Dh36,700).

A bid is no longer an option as multiple sources and reports have unearthed that Anna’s rumoured boyfriend’s identity is the South Korean American businessman Hunter Lee Soik.

The 40-year-old businessman worked briefly on an app that could store dreams called Shadow and was actively promoting his app in the Global Women’s Forum in Dubai five years back.

The app never materialized and Soik went on to work for several firms in the emirate.

Soik also worked as a creative consultant on Jay-Z and the then Kanye West now Ye’s “Watch The Throne ” tour.

His LinkedIn profile showed him delivering a TED Talk, matching Pressler’s description of the boyfriend part of the TED-Talks circuit.

He is also currently listed as the founder and executive chairperson of a family office and venture studio Enso group based in Hong Kong that specializes in frontier technology and breakthrough product experiences.

His Instagram account with the handle @hunterleesoik remains private. KSO/Expat Media

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