Diana Obal poses with her birth certificate showing her first name as Lady Diana.


Shocked Filipina in Dubai gets officially named Lady Diana


DUBAI – What’s in a name? Plenty, especially if you’ve just found out you’ve been renamed after the world’s most popular princess without your knowledge.

Diana Obal, 38, said she only realized that her name has been changed to Lady Diana after she recently requested for a copy of her birth certificate from the Philippine Statistics Authority.

The Filipina, a household worker in Dubai’s Al Barsha area, needed the birth certificate to apply for a replacement for her lost passport.

“I don’t know how my name ended up as Lady Diana in the birth certificate,” an amused Obal told

Obal said her name since birth had always been Diana. A copy of her old passport issued by the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai in 2014 shows her first name as Diana. The passport, which expired in 2019, was lost before she could have the chance to renew it.

Obal said she is now in the process of applying for a new passport, and won’t mind if her name is changed to Lady Diana to match what is in the latest copy of her birth certificate.

Has she gotten royal treatment so far? The Filipina, who hails from Quezon City in the Philippines, says her new royal name has gotten her quite a few laughs from colleagues in the UAE where she has worked since 2005.

“Even my employer’s child that I am looking after laughed after finding out I have been named Lady Diana,” she said.

Obal said her mother is thrilled about her accidental new name. “Nanay (mother) is a super fan of Lady Diana,” she said.

Britain’s Diana, the Princess of Wales, was hugely popular and was referred to as the people’s princess for reaching out to the public.

Will Dubai’s Diana be making a trip to Britain to celebrate her new name? The Filipina said she might consider it when the opportunity arises.

But she definitely can’t wait to have her new passport so she can go home to the Philippines for a much-needed vacation fit for a royal. PIA/Expat Media

TIP: Geraldine Quizon, General Manager of manpower services provider Top Services HR Consultancies, advices: “Your passport is an important identity document. Make sure it is renewed on time or ahead of time, if possible, so that you don’t face any issues, particularly during emergencies when you need it most.”

How to apply for replacement of lost Philippine passport in UAE

Lost passport application for Filipinos in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain:

Documents needed:

1. Accomplished ePassport application form
2. Report of Loss from UAE Immigration Office, stamped by Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters (Original and photocopy, with English translation)
Note: Make sure that the passport number and the name of the passport owner are stated in the report.
3. One (1) photocopy of the lost passport, if available
4. Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)-issued Birth Certificate (Original and photocopy)
5. For married women: PSA Marriage Certificate (Original and photocopy)
6. Affidavit of Loss filed at the Embassy
7. Passport fee of Dh600 for lost ePassport or Dh360 for lost green or maroon passports

Procedure for passport application

Step 1: Send an appointment request to

Step 2: Visit Embassy to submit documents and get a priority number at the Information Counter.

Step 3: Wait for your number to be called. Processor will check application form and documents

Step 4: If cleared by the Processor, pay the passport fee at the Cashier. If not cleared, follow instructions given by the Processor and return to the Embassy once instructions are accomplished.

Step 5: Proceed to the encoding section for the capturing of the biometrics.

Step 6: Check the accuracy or correctness of the data while the encoder is typing. Should there be any error in the passport, the applicant will be charged for the subsequent renewal of the passport to correct the error.

Step 7: Wait for 5 to 8 weeks to claim your passport

For more details go to:

Lost passport application for Filipinos in Dubai and northern Emirates

Documents needed:

1. PSA/NSO Birth Certificate (original and 3 copies)
2. For married women: PSA/NSO Marriage Certificate (original and 3 copies)
3. Dubai Police report with English translation (original and 3 copies)
4. First page of lost passport (3 copies, if available)
5. Affidavit of Loss (original and 3 copies)
6. Accomplished e-passport application form
7. Philippine Government issued ID or Emirates ID
8. Passport fee

Procedure for passport application

Step 1: Secure an appointment via

Step 2: Print confirmation email with the QR Code

Step 3: On the date and time of your appointment proceed to Passport Processing Cabin. Note: No need for queue number

Step 4: Wait for your name to be called by processor

Step 5: Proceed to the cashier to pay Dh600 for lost e-passport of Dh360 for lost green or maroon passport

Step 6: Check if your passport is ready for collection:

Step 7: Visit Releasing Section to collect your passport and present requirements


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