Sharjah Livestock Market: All you need to know

The Sharjah Livestock Market is one of the most popular livestock markets in the region, selling all kinds of livestock, including camels, sheep and chicken. Here’s all you need to know.

What is in the Sharjah Livestock Market?

The Sharjah Livestock Market has 141 sheep shops, 12 camel shops, 26 livestock shops with designated slaughterhouse, as well as 74 bird and poultry shops with designated slaughterhouse. It also houses 44 feed shops, 34 multi-use shops, 30 nursery shops, an auction yard for selling livestock, a Friday market yard, a mosque to accommodate 386 worshipers, and a livestock slaughterhouse to accommodate around 200 heads of cattle per hour.

How big is Sharjah Livestock Market?

The Sharjah Livestock Market spans an area of 170,000 square metres.

When is it open?

Saturday to Thursday: 7am to 10pm
Friday: 7am to 11am, 1:30pm to 10pm

What is the capacity of the livestock slaughterhouse?

The Sharjah Livestock Market abattoir accommodates 250 heads of cattle per hour distributed across three service lines. It has 55 expert butchers and 8 supervisors who ensure smooth operations. There are also 7 veterinarians to monitor the abattoir and livestock pens, in addition to 55 cleaning staff to maintain hygiene of equipment and facilitate delivery of meat to the shoppers.

Where is the Sharjah Livestock Market located?

The Sharjah Livestock Market is located a tE611 Al Sajaa Industrial in Sharjah, at the junction of Al Dhaid Road and Emirates Transit Road.

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