Sharjah festivals you shouldn’t miss

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The Al Qasba area in Sharjah. ARCHIVE

Celebrate in style: must-experience festivals in Sharjah

Sharjah has a lot of exciting festivals. Here are four festivities that will allow you to effortlessly integrate into the local culture and enrich your trip.

Sharjah Light Festival

During the 10-day Sharjah Light Festival in February, landmarks across the bicoastal emirate erupt in a kaleidoscope spectacle of light, color, and sound. Dazzling installations, video mapping, and site-specific projections created by a global lineup of creative artists transform architectural masterpieces like Al Noor Mosque, Al Hisn Fort, and House of Justice. As the day fades into night, join the crowds as they spread out in search of the most dazzling images adorning facades, domes, gardens, and minarets. Many designs are poetic and inspiring representations of local culture, custom, history, and nature.

Sharjah Biennial

The Sharjah Biennial, which takes place from February to June, established the UAE on the international art scene in the emirate’s signature calm, subtle approach. The exhibition, which is being held at different venues across the emirate, contains young artists as well as heavy hitters from all disciplines – from painting to installations, sound pieces to performances.

Sharjah World Music Festival

The Sharjah World Music Festival, the top music event on Sharjah’s cultural calendar, is a seven-day series of goosebumps-inducing concerts presented under the night sky in January. The list spans a wide range of musical preferences, showcasing great talent from the region as well as nationwide. The majority of concerts are free, the atmosphere is calm, and there are positive vibrations all around.

Sharjah World Championship Week

A F1H20 boat that roars from 0 to 180 kph in four seconds, tearing up the water as it skids into hairpin turns, leaving nothing but a rooster tail of white spray in its wake, a fast and furious water sport that can be seen live and in all its high-octane action during the Sharjah World Championship Week in December. The epic race takes over Khalid Lagoon and pits as many as 20 of the world’s greatest powerboat racers against each other in pursuit of trophy, money, and glory as part of the UIM F1H20 World Championship series. JG/Expat Media

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