Sharjah Police: unlicensed ‘carlift’ driver left boy locked in car, causing his death

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A Sharjah Police patrol vehicle. Picture for illustrative purposes only.

Sharjah Police said that a woman who left a Bangladeshi boy locked in her car is an unlicensed “carlift” driver.

The 7-year-old boy died after he was left locked in the car on Monday (May 6), when temperatures reached 44°C in the UAE.

The female driver said she was dropping off several school children in her vehicle and was not aware that the boy was left behind. She parked the vehicle and left with her husband in another car before returning a few hours later to find the boy dead, police said.

According to Sharjah Police, the female driver was not licensed to transport school children and was only hired by several parents as a part-time chauffeur.

The parents of the boy have reportedly not filed charges against her.

Condolences have poured in for the victim, who was a student of Ibn Sina School in Sharjah, the Bangladesh Consulate General confirmed. The Bu Tina resident was described by many as a “happy, friendly child” who was always smiling.

Meanwhile, Sharjah Police has warned parents against using illegal carlift services, saying that licensed school buses ensure their children’s safety because these follow the UAE’s strict security and safety measures. ICA/Expat Media

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