Vierro Hair Expert Water Protect range.


Product review: Vierro shampoo and conditioner for UAE water


DUBAI – I’ve always blamed bad hair days to the UAE’s hard, desalinated water in my shower. So imagine my delight when a box of shampoo-conditioner specific to this problem arrived at the Expat Media headquarters recently.

Homegrown haircare brand Vierro sent us a box of its new shampoo-conditioner range called Water Protect, and after reading the label that said it “retains the minerals and proteins in your hair, when washing frequently with desalinated water”, we just had to try it. Here’s how we rate it:

Bottle design

I like the inverted V-shaped bottle design, which allows the product to sit perfectly in the shower without toppling over. The matte finish also makes it easy to grip the bottle. No slips whatsoever. 4/5


The shampoo has a slightly thick consistency and looks translucent. I only needed to use a blob as small as a 50-fil coin in order to work up a nice lather. I am thinking of all the Vitamins A, D, E and F that would now be infusing with my mane as I massage my scalp.  The smell of Peppermint Oil is refreshing, but thankfully not overpowering, and I like the subtle cooling effect that it has on my scalp. 4/5


The conditioner has a thicker consistency than the shampoo but is easy to spread as I applied it on my hair and let it sit for a couple of minutes. I could smell and feel that refreshing Peppermint Oil cooling my scalp. It feels like I just had a hair spa after rinsing off my hair. 4/5


The shampoo costs Dh8.50 for the 200ml bottle while the conditioner costs Dh11.50 for 400ml at Carrefour. That’s cheaper than my regular shampoo and conditioner, which is always a good thing in my book. 5/5

Five-day effect

Surprisingly, there is less dandruff on my scalp after barely a week of trying this product. I’m going to give it one more month and see if it is really going to improve the overall health of my hair. 4/5



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