Carlo Aquino (left) and Nadine Lustre in a scene from the movie, Ulan.


Ulan movie review: Our take on Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino’s new movie


DUBAI – Not to rain on your parade but “Ulan” is definitely not your typical love story.

The Nadine Lustre and Carlo Aquino starrer premiered at Vox Cinemas at Deira City Centre on Tuesday (March 19), with a horde of fans excitedly lining up to get inside the cinema.

The same fans took about three minutes after the end credits rolled before they slowly got on their feet to leave the cinema at the end of the movie. Bewildered or bewitched? We couldn’t really tell.

We have to say, though, that writer and director Irene Villamor really went out of her way to give Filipino moviegoers a taste of your not-so-typical love story that the not-so-typical tandem of Lustre and Aquino managed to pull off. The creative storyline definitely took us to another dimension.

“Ulan” tells us the story of Maya, played by Lustre, a girl who has been orphaned in more ways than one. She loses her parents at a young age, conjures up Filipino mythical creatures like the tikbalang (a being that has the head of a horse but with the body of a human being), and can never seem to find Mr. Right.

Heartbroken, she swears off love until she meets Peter, played by Aquino, a community volunteer who turns out to be prince charming in disguise.

Stardusts fly (quite literally) and you think you can predict the ending.

Does Maya finally end up with her prince charming? What happens next is a tale only the tikbalangs can tell. PIA/Expat Media

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