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Rejected or ghosted after a failed job interview: what jobseekers think


DUBAI – You’ve probably been to this job interview at least once in your life: You show up. Get asked a series of questions. And then the interviewer tells you: “We’ll call you”.

You wait. And wait. And wait. You still don’t hear from HR.

You’ve been “ghosted”, a new word coined by today’s jobseekers when they don’t get any communication from the company they have applied to. In short: No good news, but no bad news either. Just no news.

With job hirings starting to gain pace after Covid-19 disrupted the job market worldwide, jobseekers spoke about their aversion to being ghosted after a failed job interview.

In a survey on LinkedIn, 96 percent of respondents said they would rather be rejected after failing a job interview than be “ghosted”. Only 4 percent out of more than 69,000 respondents as of Wednesday (April 20) said they’d rather be ghosted or not hear anything if it’s just bad news.

The poll was launched by Brigette Hyacinth, speaker and author of Leading the Workforce of the Future, who said it was sparked by a friend’s experience.

“My friend went through four interviews with a company and then was ghosted. She feels defeated,” Hyacinth said.

The HR expert and social media influencer has been calling on companies to provide feedback to jobseekers, saying it is the right thing to do.

“Provide feedback to rejected candidates. Stop wasting candidates’ time with multiple interviews especially when you already know whom you are going to hire,” she said. PIA/Expat Media

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