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Ramadan fasting is natural way to detox, says UAE expert


DUBAI – Fasting during Ramadan can be a natural and effective way for healthy people to detox their bodies, a UAE-based health expert said.

“Through fasting, you begin to learn how to manage your eating habits and how to improve self-control and discipline,” said Nujoud Al Ameri, a specialist nutritionist at Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (SEHA).

Ramadan fasting helps in weight loss and a drop in blood pressure and cholesterol, Al Ameri said. In contrast, over-indulging in iftar or suhoor meals can cause weight gain, she cautioned.

Al Ameri also stressed the importance of prioritising sleep just as much as healthy eating during Ramadan.

“With long fasting hours, it is very common that changes to your eating and sleeping habits can be disruptive to your body and mind. But if you plan ahead and start to adjust your regular routine, you can minimise this disruption,” she said.

“It is important to actively regulate sleeping and waking times, naps or scheduling additional times for rest as your body can feel more tired during the day. This allows for a measure of rest to perform physical activity before or after iftar and suhoor meals,” she said.

Al Ameri said people do not need to forego their exercise routine in Ramadan, but it may need to be modified.

“You should consider changing the time you exercise or the activity you do when working out. The intensity of your exercise routine should also be scaled back, swapping high intensity workouts for more moderate regimens.”

She suggested walking in safe, socially distanced settings and aim to reach 10,000 steps every day.

“You can even schedule more time for family sports and hobbies such as football, volleyball, or tennis – these all are great ways to continue being physically active and maintain physical fitness, in addition to enhancing a general sense of wellbeing. To facilitate this transition, plan your workouts in advance to ensure you have adequate energy and hydration levels for exercising.”

The doctor advised patients with chronic medical conditions to consult their doctors before starting any exercise routine. WAM/ICA/Expat Media

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