Ramadan in Dubai: Restaurant gives free iftar meals in International City

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Chacha Yaseen (second from left) with his kitchen staff and supporters. EXPAT MEDIA

A Pakistani restaurant in International City is giving free iftar meals this Ramadan, spreading the spirit of giving in the holy month.

Expat Media spotted the humble Pakistani owner of Pashtoon Banquet Kitchen in the Morocco cluster personally preparing big trays of freshly cooked samosas and pakoras or fried vegetable fritters with some dipping sauce in a table placed outside the restaurant for interested passers-by. It’s only 5pm and there’s more being cooked in the kitchen, he said.

He has apparently been doing this generous gesture without any fanfare since Ramadan began this month. “We want to share our blessings with those in need. Islam tells us to share our food. It makes us very happy,” the shy Chacha Yaseen told Expat Media through his translator and nephew, Ali Fazal.

The 55-year-old Yaseen, a native of Multan in Pakistan, is a long-time resident of Dubai and considers the food industry as his passion. This is why he opened Pashtoon Banquet Kitchen in I-06 building last year after living in the UAE in the last 30 years. Business has been booming in the specialty restaurant, which made Yaseen even more determined to share his blessings.

“We hope our little gesture can help those who can’t afford a meal,” said his nephew, Ali. The restaurant has been giving away free food for iftar for at least 50 people per day. Ali says that his uncle is “very happy” to do it and has always been “in the habit of donating food”.

While the free iftar is for anyone in need, those who partake of the food include International City’s residents who are motorcycle delivery riders, taxi drivers as well as blue-collar workers.

Throughout International City, the sight is familiar this Ramadan, with dozens of local businesses also opening their pantries to offer free iftar in the community. A big mosque in the China cluster is also serving free iftar meals daily to hundreds of people. ICA/Expat Media

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