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Quick guide on 6 types of ban applied in the UAE

For many expats who wish to work in the UAE, knowing the basics of the UAE visa ban is necessary.

Knowing the different types of the ban is essential for expat workers in case they get terminated by their employer on a probationary period.

A visa ban is a legal option that prevents a resident or employee from entering the country or accepting a new designation.

Check out the six common labor ban types:

  1. Permanent Residency Ban – This ban applies to whoever commits any serious labor offense considered illegal or absconding. The federal department records individuals sanctioned in this type of ban.
  2. Labor Ban – This ban can only be applied under these conditions:
    • On the expiry of the contract, when no action is taken by the present employer’s end concerning your employment.
    • In case no new application is received or accepted by a different employer.
    • Termination of unlimited labor contract before the completion of one year in service.
    • Termination of limited labor contract before its expiry date.
  3. Immigration Ban – This ban denies the entry of the employee in the UAE, which may be due to varying reasons such as criminal offense, debt, bounced cheques, rape, violence, illegal drinking, theft, inappropriate relationship, etc. This ban may also apply when an individual violates government regulations.
  4. 6-month Ban – This applied to those who left their jobs without legally binding reasons. The labor ministry imposes it on the employee’s labor card or work permit. However, this ban does not affect an individual’s entry into the UAE, as they can easily enter the country on a tourist or visit visa.
  5. Employment Ban – This is known as the work permit ban. An employment ban allows individuals to work in the UAE for a limited period, from 6 to permanent.
  6. One-year Ban – This ban is implemented when an employee resigns from any job before fulfilling their contract. This also applies when an employee loses a case filed against the labor ministry. In such cases, the employer has to start the work permit proceeding even before the employee’s visa expires. The ban gets automatically activated if a new application has not been filed before the expiry of the employee’s work permit or UAE visa.

To check for a ban, one should contact the MoHRE hotline at 80060, which is available 24/7 in several languages. BKM/ Expat Media

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