Vidhi Popley and her fiance, Hridesh, will have a wedding in the sky in November.


Dubai: Popleys to hold historic wedding in sky

The daughter of the tycoon owner of Popley Jewelers is set to create an iconic and extravagant wedding in the sky in the history of Dubai.

Vidhi Popley and her fiance, Hridesh, will exchange vows onboard a Jetex plane flying between Dubai and Oman on November 24. The world’s largest private jet will depart from the flagship Jetex Dubai private terminal for the wedding that promises to be a “remarkable blend of tradition, luxury, and innovation.”

At least 300 Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, government dignitaries, family and friends will board a Boeing 747 plane to attend the couple’s 3-hour wedding. In Dubai, more than 1,000 guests are expected to celebrate the occasion with Habtoor Palace Dubai and LXR Hotels & Resorts Dubai for week-long wedding celebrations.

“The wedding of my daughter is a joyous occasion that my family and I cherish deeply. We are thrilled to share this incredible experience with our loved ones and the world. Dubai, with its limitless charm, is the perfect setting for such a unique celebration. We invite everyone to join us in making history,” said Dilip Popley, Managing Director of Popley Group. The wedding will be conducted according to Sikh traditions and rites.

“Our mission is to showcase Dubai as a unique place for Destination Weddings with unforgettable celebrations. The event will feature a blend of Indian traditions, contemporary elegance, and the unmatched hospitality that Dubai is renowned for. From exquisite cuisine to world-class entertainment, every detail has been meticulously curated to create a wedding that will be etched in the memories of all who attend,” Popley added.

On October 18, 1994, Popley had his own wedding in the sky. Popley calls his daughter’s wedding in November as an “extraordinary sequel 2”. The wedding in the sky is supported by Dubai Tourism and the Dubai Government.

“It started with my dad’s dreams, who wanted to get his son married in the air, and it was a billion-dollar idea. We met the chairman of Air India and had a wedding in the sky in 1994,” Popley said. “We have been here in Dubai since 1993; this is my home. So, I want to make this the most iconic wedding of 2023. I could not think of any other place than Dubai,” he said.

Popley Jewelers is part of the Popley Group, which was founded in 1927 and has 18 stores in Dubai and Mumbai. It specializes in the retail, distribution and marketing of jewellery and luxury brands within the sectors of watches, accessories, communications, writing instruments and gifts. ICA/Expat Media

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