Perrier water sold in Dubai, Abu Dhabi safe after company destroys 2 million bottles over contamination fears

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Perrier mineral water is sourced in France.

Authorities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have confirmed that Perrier water bottles sold in the emirates are safe after the company destroyed two million bottles over contamination fears.

On Monday (April 29), the Dubai Municipality assured consumers that the French water product sold in Dubai markets are safe. On Sunday, the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority also confirmed that Perrier water sold in Abu Dhabi is safe to consume.

The authorities asserted that all imported food products in the UAE comply with safety and quality standards, with ADAFSA adding that it is taking “all necessary measures and procedures to prevent any unsafe and unhealthy products from reaching the emirate’s markets.”

Their statements came after reports that, under French government orders, Perrier destroyed two million bottles of its sparkling water suspected of contamination of “faecal” bacteria. Nestle also suspended extraction from a well near Nimes where the contamination is suspected to have originated. According to a government order, the “faecal” contamination had been registered from March 10.

This was the latest blow for Swiss food giant Nestle, who is also under investigation by prosecutors into allegations that its used illegal purification treatment for its mineral water.

French prosecutors in January opened an investigation into its purification methods. The company has admitted that it disinfected water using UV lamps, carbon filtering and other means that are not allowed for “natural” mineral waters.

The investigation has shaken France’s water industry, with calls for “extremely rigorous” monitoring of water sources for other mineral water brands, including Evian and Volvic. ICA/Expat Media

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