First in UAE: New tech lets you pay with your palm

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Abdallah Abu Sheikh, founder of Astra Tech, demonstrates Palm Pay at the recent Dubai Fintech Summit.

The next time you pay for a product or service in the UAE, no need to swipe or take out cash from your wallet. All you need is your palm.

Palm Pay, the first technology of its kind in the UAE, was launched at the recent Dubai Fintech Summit. The contactless palm recognition service lets customers make payments with the palm of their hands.

With the Palm Pay technology, established by fintech company PayBy, customers can simply hover their palm over a device to make payments. The payment solution is expected to be rolled out across the UAE, starting with PayBy’s 50,000 merchants.

“The UAE is now home to a first-of-its-kind technology that simplifies and secures how our customers interact with the world around them,” said Abdallah Abu Sheikh, founder of Astra Tech and CEO of Botim. “Palm Pay exemplifies our drive to bring revolutionary technologies to the region and as the sole provider of this technology, we are proud to set new standards in the fintech sector and contribute to the UAE’s reputation as a global technology hub,” Abu Sheikh said.

Astra Tech, a UAE-based technology development group, has acquired PayBy, which is licensed by the Central Bank of the UAE.

How does it work?

Palm Pay uses advanced biometric authentication methods and palm recognition technology that is set to “redefine the payment experience by offering a user-friendly, secure, and fast transaction process, catering to a diverse demographic across the UAE.”

Its key features include easy integration with existing POS systems for a seamless transition and superior security with biometric authentication, which PayBy claims is “1,300 times more secure than facial recognition methods”.

According to PayBy, its advanced payment system significantly reduces the risk of fraud and unauthorized transactions. ICA/Expat Media

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