Hlase Baloyi on falling in love, privacy and unpaid skills


Driving around and a song comes on with the chorus: “I’m in love with your body.”

I hope some of you take heed that it isn’t you; it’s your body, and there actually is a difference.

So much of our pop culture us about making sex and love synonymous to each other, but trust me, if you want a lasting relationship you better be in love with more than the body.

In fact, why not get to know the heart and mind? Fall in love with that, and as the final piece to a beautiful relationship, start the process of falling for the body. Think about it.

Someone’s watching

I’m starting to realize that with the advancement of technology and the ability to track your moves and habits, the idea of privacy—going forward—is really defined in the sense of “I know you’re watching me, but just don’t let me sense it, and don’t encroach upon my freedoms.”

It’s funny how the word “privacy” is not in the Constitution, but it’s probably the most fought for “right”in our society. However, with the advancement of technology, we’re going to start knowing more and more about “what you do when no one is watching” because someone will always be watching.

Getting paid for skills

Sometimes you have talents that unfortunately people just don’t pay to see or experience. Having one of those moments now… but I guess life is not about being paid for all my skills. Being helpful is a great virtue in itself.


Hlase Baloyi is a lawyer from Zimbabwe. He considers Washington DC his second home but describes himself as a “regular guy living on planet Earth”. Follow him on Facebook


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