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Now more difficult for expat jobs in Oman: 207 professions banned for expats

Oman has imposed a ban on hiring expats in 207 professions, with the Ministry of Labour recently issuing a decision to hire only Omanis for these jobs.

Dr. Mahad bin Said bin Ali Dr Ba’owain, Minister of Labour, issued the decision on July 14 to regulate the practice of certain professions that are now reserved for Omanis.

These include jobs as administrative director, director of personnel affairs, director of public relations, security supervisor, general manager, deputy director, social service specialist, social welfare specialist, social psychology specialist, social worker, student activities specialist and flight operations inspector.

The decision also bans the hiring of expatriates as receptionist, grocer, sweet seller, perfume seller, gas cylinder seller, guard, tractor driver, tour guide, real estate insurance broker and vehicle insurance broker.

According to the Ministry of Labour, expatriates with existing work permits for these jobs will be able to continue their work until their work permit expires.

The new job types banned for expats are in addition to 87 other professions that Oman banned for expat workers in 2018. ICA/Expat Media

Partial list of professions banned for expats in Oman

1. Administrative manager
2. Administrative director
3. Bus driver
4. Car rental clerk
5. Car insurance broker
6. Career guidance manager
7. Coordinator
8. Customs clearance broker
9. Data entry
10. Delivery agent
11. Deputy director
12. Director of staff affairs
13. Director for student affairs
14. Driver of any vehicle
15. Factories insurance broker
16. Farm tractor driver
17. Freight risk insurance
18. Flight operations inspector
19. Follow-up manager
20. General manager
21. Gateman
22. Gas cylinder seller
23. Gas meter reader
24. Grocer
25. Head of departments and trade unions
26. Human Resources manager
27. HR and recruitment specialist
28. Insurance, reinsurance and risk insurance specialists
29. Librarian
30. Legal clerk
31. Manager
32. Manager of CEO’s office
33. Manager of staff affairs
34. Occupational safety inspector for oil and gas
35. Operator
36. Perfumer
37. Postman
38. Public relations manager
39. Public relations director
40. Public transport driver
41. Payroll and wage accountant
42. Public relations writer
43. Psychology specialist
44. Receptionist
45. Recruitment manager
46. Refreshments seller
47. Real estate insurance broker
48. Salesmen in commercial complexes
49. Shipping services clerk
50. Store supervisor
51. Security supervisor
52. Security guard
53. Street vendor
54. Sweets seller
55. Social service specialist
56. Social worker
57. Teller
58. Ticket clerk
59. Travel ticket officers
60. Transport supervisors
61. Tourist reservation clerk
62. Tour guide
63. Vegetable seller
64. Fruit seller
65. Watchman
66. Water and electricity meter reader

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