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UAE sports law: all you need to know

The UAE has created an unprecedented Sports Law that aims to regulate sports in the country under the National Sports Strategy 2031.

The General Authority of Sports (GAS), led by its director-general Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Hussein, discussed the federal law in a recent media briefing. Here’s what we know so far:

What is the UAE Sports Law?

The UAE Sports Law, or Federal Law No. 4 of 2023, is a law aimed at regulating the sports sector and realising the national sports goals of the UAE. The law is aligned with the best international sports practices under the Olympic Charter, the Paralympic Charter, and relevant national and international laws and regulations.

What will be imposed under this law?

The law will distinguish hobbies and professions and define activities that will require approval from GAS.

The law will also regulate international coordination with the authority, and address issues relating to international participation of various sports entities and registration with foreign sports entities.

Who are affected by the Sports Law?

All sports organisations, athletes, sports groups and related categories within the UAE are affected by the Sports Law. Public and private sports facilities, sports arbitration, the health sector, students, athletes in the military services and police, and all other stakeholders will be impacted by the new law.

Will more sports facilities be constructed?

Yes. The law mandates the provision of world-class sports facilities and equipment, as well as encourage and promote sports and physical education in government institutions, schools and universities. It also facilitates the participation for people of determination in sports.

The new Sports Law also mandates the allocation of suitable spaces for exercise in residential facilities and complexes in the UAE.

How will the Sports Law affect community sports players?

The Sports Law encourages community sports players, and all groups of society to participate in physical and sporting activities, individually or collectively. The aim is to increase the proportion of individuals participating in diverse sports to 71 percent.

How will the Sports Law affect sports players?

The law will assist sports entities in achieving sports excellence on a local and global scale by promoting competition and talent discovery of competitive sports players.

How will the Sports Law affect people of determination?

The law encourages people of determination to participate in all physical and sporting activities in clubs, schools, and workplaces. They can also form national teams to participate in major sporting events.

What about global sports events?

The also targets ten supporting segments consisting of Government and private sports entities, including the National Olympic Committee, the National Paralympic Committee, the National Anti-Doping Agency, the Olympic and non-Olympic sports federations, and private sports clubs.

Can sports federations tie up with national or foreign institutions?

Yes. The law apermits sports federations to enter into partnerships with national, foreign, sporting, or non-sporting institutions within or outside the UAE.

How will the Sports Law affect elite athletes?

The new law supports the growth of elite and high-level sports and the preparation of national sports teams to compete in international events, such as the Olympics.

How will the law affect sports associations?

The law supports the establishment of sports associations and encourages their autonomy. This will enable them to play their role in organising and managing relevant sporting events. ICA/Expat Media

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