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New UAE rules for travelers on bringing gifts, cash, other items


DUBAI – Travelers arriving or departing from the UAE will have to comply with customs procedures in the country, the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) announced.

In a statement on Sunday (March 28), the FCA highlighted what travelers to and from the UAE are allowed to carry, and what items are prohibited.

Ali Saeed Matar Al Neyadi, Commissioner of Customs – Chairman of FCA, said the authority’s latest awareness campaign is aimed at giving travelers a risk-free travel experience.

Items you are allowed to bring at UAE airports

The FCA reminded that permitted luggage includes movie projection devices, radio and CD players, digital cameras, TV and receiver (one of each), personal sports equipment, as well as portable computers and printers.

Gifts must not exceed Dh3,000 in value

The FCA said that the value of gifts brought in with travelers should not exceed Dh3,000.

Bringing cigarettes, alcoholic drinks into or out of UAE

Cigarettes in your luggage should not exceed the permissible limit of 200 cigarette sticks. Tobacco products and alcoholic drinks should not be carried by travelers below the age of 18.

Carrying cash and precious stones into or out of UAE

People traveling into or out of the UAE must disclose any currencies, negotiable instruments payable to bearer, and/or precious metals or stones that are valued at more than Dh60,000.

Carrying medication into or out of UAE

Medication for personal use is allowed, provided it complies with applicable regulations. The FCA advised travelers to carry a certified prescription for medications they will be carrying, and to declare any restricted substances.

Prohibited items for travelers in UAE

Some of the prohibited and restricted commodities include narcotics, gambling tools and machines, nylon fishing nets, live animals of pig species, raw ivory, laser pens with red light package, fake and counterfeited currency, substances contaminated nuclear rays and dust, publications, pictures, religiously offensive or immoral drawings and stone sculptures, as well as paan substances, including betel leaves.

Restricted items for travelers in UAE

According to the FCA, the entry of a number of restricted commodities may be allowed following competent authorities’ consent including; live animals, plants, fertilisers and pesticides, weapons, ammunitions, explosives and fireworks, medicines, drugs and medical equipment and instruments, media publications and products, new vehicle tyres, transmission and wireless devices, alcoholic drinks, cosmetics and personal care products, raw diamonds and cigarettes manufactured and processed from tobacco.

In case of restricted commodities, competent authorities’ consent shall be sought, including the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health and Prevention, Ministry of Culture and Youth, Federal Authority for Nuclear Energy, Ministry of Industry and Advance Technology, Telecommunication Regulatory Authority, Dubai Police and Kimberley UAE.

Smuggling illegal items into or out of UAE

Travelers who are caught smuggling illegal items into or out of the UAE will be subject to a fine, imprisonment or both penalties.

Don’t receive luggage from strangers: UAE customs authority

The FCA also reminded travelers to refrain from receiving or exchanging luggage or bags from unknown persons in the country of departure without knowing their contents. ICA/Expat Media

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