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New salary requirement to hire housemaids in UAE


DUBAI – UAE residents who want to hire housemaids in the country on their own sponsorship must have a minimum salary of Dh25,000 per month, according to a report on Tuesday.

The salary requirement was previously set at Dh20,000.

An official at the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) said that those with a lower monthly salary may still hire housemaids through Tadbeer, Gulf News reported.

Residents caught hiring illegal housemaids in the UAE face fines of up to Dh50,000 as well as deportation in some cases.

To privately sponsor housemaids, the sponsor must show a salary certificate meeting the Dh25,000 minimum requirement, a marriage certificate, spouse visa, employment contract or company license for investors, tenancy contract or property title, and electricity bill. Bachelors or bachelorettes are not allowed to hire household workers.

Residents who are not able to meet the salary requirement can opt for a Tadbeer-sponsored household worker and sign a contract with Tabdeer. They will need to pay a recruitment fee, plus all government fees, including the household worker’s monthly salary.

The system ensures that housemaids are paid on time and given a weekly day off and a 30-day paid vacation. Housemaids will also be entitled to 12 hours of rest per day, medical insurance and a round-trip ticket to their home country every two years. ICA/Expat Media

4 ways to hire a household worker through Tadbeer

1. Hire household worker from outside the country through Tadbeer sponsorship

Employer to pay recruitment fee plus government fees for visa and accommodation, and medical check up

2. Six-month contract with household worker through Tadbeer sponsorship

At the end of the contract, household workers will be allowed to work as resident workers for their employers; employer to pay monthly fees

3. Temporary recruitment for two years

At the end of the contract, household workers will not be allowed to work as resident workers for their employers

4. Flexi-recruitment

Employers can hire household workers on hourly, daily or weekly basis, starting at Dh120 for four hours, Dh200 for eight hours, Dh1,120 for seven days and Dh3,500 per month.

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