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New job decree in Dubai replaces expats in assistant coach role


DUBAI – A new decree issued in Dubai makes it mandatory for Dubai government clubs to appoint Emiratis as assistant coaches for their first teams in all team sports.

The decree was issued by Sheikh Mansoor bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, chairman of the Dubai Sports Council.

Sheikh Mansoor directed clubs and sports companies in Dubai’s public sports sector to start with the recruitment process immediately.

The decision enables Emirati coaches to work at different clubs and sports companies, and gain confidence and invaluable experience that will enhance their skills.

The decree also stipulates that the trainer must be Emirati, with minimum training qualification required for the job as prescribed by the governing association of that particular sport.

The decree provides great support for Emirati sports cadres and represents a new phase for Dubai Sports Council in supporting, empowering and developing national coaches.

Emiratisation in sports began years ago with the decision to appoint Emiratis as assistant coach in the first football team in all Dubai football clubs and companies, in addition to appointing Emirati coaches to lead all the reserve teams at Dubai clubs.

The number of Emirati coaches at Dubai clubs has seen a steady rise, and today 70 of the 130 coaches – or 54 per cent – working at the clubs are Emiratis. ICA/Expat Media

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