The medley of flavours at Muchachas.


Muchachas: New Mexican menu to delight Dubai in 2021


DUBAI – We headed into Muchachas in Holiday Inn Express Dubai prepared for some Mexican surprise. Chef Rene Millan didn’t fail to disappoint.

The head chef of the Mexican restobar cooked up a new menu—set to be revealed in the new year—that was both delightful and inventive. Watch the foodie adventure here:

“The new menu involves some ingredients and techniques that really brings me back to Mexico,” Chef Rene told as we were served our starter: red snapper ceviche on a bed of crushed ice, and crispy fried plantain on the side.

We loved the play of flavours from the ceviche—diced red snapper marinated in herbs, citrus and a punch of chile that starts an explosion of flavours in your mouth; paired perfectly with crispy fried plaintain that you can also use to scoop up the ceviche.

We were also served mushroom ceviche, which we think vegans would appreciate, but unfortunately got snubbed as we were hooked on the fish ceviche.

We also loved the scallop tostada, which ticked all the boxes when it comes to presentation and flavour. The tender scallop topped with pickled cabbage, shreds of crispy plantain and chimichurri sat perfectly on the crispy base. A delight with every bite.

Chef Rene surprised us further by elevating popular Mexican street food mango habanero chicken wings and beef campechano tacos. We loved the spicy and sweet tango of the chicken wings, as well as the spiced flavour of the beef campechano tacos with wagyu chorizo and avocado. Those definitely made it to our list of things to order again on the next visit.

The tasting menu was capped with a creamy and smooth dulce de leche tamal, which came with a sprinkling of roasted almonds and yogurt. This was definitely one of the deserts where Chef Rene pulled techniques and ingredients from home to “really bring me back to Mexico”.

“The food really brings me back home and brings memories of my friends and family. I want to portray this with my food. I really hope people feel it when they eat it. Or at least bring them some memories; and if they’re discovering new things, at least give them a new memory to build with the food,” Chef Rene said.

If you want to discover Mexican flavours in Dubai, give Muchachas a try. Ándale, ándale! PIA/Expat Media

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