Survivor Philippines contestant wins Mrs. Universe Philippines in Dubai

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Vevherly Gador wins the Mrs. Universe Philippines FDN in Dubai on June 29, 2024. SUPPLIED

After making her global debut in the first season of popular reality TV competition show Survivor Philippines, Vevherly Gador has conquered the Dubai stage by winning Mrs. Universe Philippines FDN.

Gador bested 10 other finalists to bag the crown in the inaugural pageant held at Khalidia Palace Hotel in Dubai on Saturday (June 29). She also won 10 other awards, including Mrs. Dunkin’ Ambassador, Best in Interview, Best in Filipiniana Gown, Best in Evening Gown and Best in National Costume.

The Mrs. Universe Philippines FDN pageant aims to empower mothers and married women by providing them a platform to showcase their talents and advocate important causes. The inaugural pageant in Dubai also saw Diana Jane Nicolas De Guzman crowned as first runner-up, Boshra Abdulla as 2nd runner-up, Izume Niwa as 3rd runner-up and Maryvic Escalante Fernandez as 4th runner-up.

For 35-year-old Gador, competing and winning this pageant is a dream come true. She hopes to win the nationals in the Philippines in August. “It’s really my dream to compete in an international stage and represent the Philippines,” Gador said.

The single mother said she dedicates her award to her daughter in the Philippines. “Everything I do, I am doing it for us,” she said in a video message.

Gador, who hails from Cebu, Philippines, first arrived in the UAE in 2015. She left the country in 2017 to work as airport security staff in the Philippines before moving on to other jobs. She returned to the UAE in 2021 to join a real estate company as an administrative secretary. Since 2022, she has worked as an executive administrator for an oil and gas company in Ajman.

In Survivor Philippines, Gador shone in nationwide auditions and was picked to be among the show’s 18 contestants. The show premiered in 2008 and was filmed in Ko Tarutao island in Thailand. Gador was assigned to the Naak tribe and lasted for 12 days in the competition before she was voted out by her competitors.

Following her celebrity stint, becoming a beauty queen is another achievement she is excited to have made. “Everybody dreams to be a beauty queen,” the Filipina said, adding that her pageant victory will help her in promoting her advocacies.

“I advocate having a strong relationship with our children, especially for working mothers. It is important to have an open relationship with our children,” Gador said. “We also need to practice responsible social media influencing. As mothers, we must set an example. Children look up to us. We are their first role models,” she added.

The Filipina said she is happy to share her life’s story to hopefully inspire other expat mothers and parents and “make a positive impact in our communities”.

“I have been working in different countries as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker). I overcame a lot of struggles in life. There are some parts that are ugly, and most of us have that kind of ugly past. It’s part of us. Those experiences mould us to be better persons, to be the person who we are today. It is not the past that defines us. We have to move forward,” she mused. PIA/Expat Media

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