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Life in UAE jail for kidnapping, illegal detention


DUBAI – The UAE Public Prosecution issued a reminder on Wednesday (March 16) of tough penalties for kidnapping, illegal detention and any action that violates a person’s freedom.

According to the federal decree law, “whoever kidnaps, arrests, detains, or deprives a person of his freedom in any way illegally, whether by himself or through the intermediary of others, shall be sentenced to temporary imprisonment”.

The penalty shall be life in jail if the assailant impersonates a public authority, like the UAE police, or acts under false representation.

Life in jail shall also be given if the kidnapping, arrest or illegal detention is done using deceit, threat of killing or harm, use of force, or psychological torture.

A punishment of life in jail shall also be meted out if the act is done by two or more armed people, or if the period of kidnapping, arrest or detention exceeds one month.

Whoever kidnaps or illegally arrest or detail a woman, a juvenile, a person with mental disability, or a person with special needs will also be sentenced to life in jail.

Life in jail shall be the punishment for anyone who illegally details or kidnaps a person for the purpose of gaining profit or revenge, or to lead to rape, disgrace, injury or to coerce the victim to commit a crime.

If the illegal arrest, detention or kidnapping leads to the death of the victim, then the punishment is death penalty.

Accomplices of such a crime shall be sentenced to the same penalty, according to the UAE Public Prosecution. ICA/Expat Media

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