Parking e-scooters on Dubai pavements: RTA warns of legal measures

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The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has warned e-scooter users against parking or leaving their vehicles on pavements and non-designated areas, saying that violators will face legal measures.

The warning came after the RTA recently conducted an extensive inspection campaign on 698 developer sites and free zones across Dubai. Authorities have received complaints of e-scooters being left or parked on pavements and areas where they obstruct right-of-way.

“We have also cooperated and communicated with developers and free zone entities, providing them with the results of these inspection campaigns so they can take necessary corrective actions. If there is non-compliance, RTA will take the appropriate legal measures against violators,” said Basil Ibrahim Saad, Director of Right-Of-Way at the Traffic and Roads Agency of RTA.

Saad said the inspection campaigns are required by Dubai’s law on road regulations. The RTA urged residents not to leave e-scooters or other items that restrict the movement of traffic and road users.

Since 2023, Dubai Police has confiscated thousands of e-scooters for various violations. In Dubai, e-scooter riders must apply for a mandatory permit in order to use the vehicle in designated zones. The permit is issued for free, but applicants must pass a series of online tests. Those holding a valid driving licence in the UAE can legally ride an e-scooter.

E-scooters must only be used in designated routes otherwise police can confiscate the vehicle. It is illegal to stop or park in non-designated parking zones, or in places that could hinder the flow of traffic. Riders must not have any other passenger on their e-scooter. Violators face a fine ranging from Dh500 up to Dh25,000 under the UAE Traffic Law. ICA/Expat Media

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