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To avoid rental scams, here are the things that you should check


Property fraud is real and could cause you massive damage to the tune of thousands of dirhams.

To avoid rental scams and to make sure you are getting the property you are paying for, here are the things that you should check:

  • Verify the identity of the landlord or agent by asking for an ID card or passport
  • Deal only with reputable companies
  • Ask for a copy of proof of ownership of the property
  • Ask for a copy of the trade licence of the broker
  • Always pay with a cheque and insist on receipts
  • Cheques must be issued in the name of the real estate company
  • If an agent asks for a cheque to be written in the property owner’s name, he must provide proper documents or authorisation
  • Read the tenancy contract carefully for objectionable provisions
  • Check the trade licence of the real estate company
  • Check its approved activities according to its licence from the Economic Department
  • Check registration number and the broker’s licence
  • View the property first before signing any contract or making any payment
  • If you detect a scam, file a case with your emirate’s real estate regulator or relevant authority, such as Real Estate Regulatory Agency in Dubai and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.


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