Boxing star Floyd Mayweather Jr.


Floyd Mayweather talks about his controversies and more


DUBAI – In a candid interview, Floyd Mayweather Jr revealed details about his undefeated professional boxing career as well as his childhood, influences and his life outside the ring.

Mayweather topped the list as Forbes’ highest paid celebrity of 2018 and he spoke to CNN Talk Asia’s Anna Coren about his often controversial life away from boxing.

Key quotes from the interview:

Mayweather on his legacy

“I’m not perfect. I made mistakes in my life, but when it’s all said and done, only God can judge me. There’s nothing that I wouldn’t give my children. What’s important in life is not how much money you make, but how much money you can invest and put up, and it’s about making your money work for you.”

On his earnings and association with wealth

“I just know that I worked extremely hard, and I made smart investments. That’s why I’m able to still live the same lifestyle that I was living while I was competing inside the square circle… I work hard, so I think I should have the finer things in life.”

On his undefeated boxing record of 50-0

“I’m just blessed way beyond belief. I had a great team behind me. I really believed in myself, believed in my skills, believed in my talent. And the main thing is just believing and working extremely hard.”

On fighting in Japan for the first time

“It’s always been one of my goals. Go outside the U.S. and compete as a professional [doing] what I love to do – and that’s to entertain. As an amateur, I was able to do it in different countries. But as a professional, all 50 fights were in America, because I was the A-side. Even right now, I’m the A-side. But it’s all about excitement and entertainment. I love Japan, I love the people.”

On growing up with boxing

“Nothing was more important than boxing. If my dad didn’t take me to the boxing gym, I would cry until someone took me to the boxing gym. I loved the smell of the boxing gloves. I wanted to have a mouthpiece, I wanted to put on boxing boots, I wanted to get into the ring.”

On how he was shaped by his tumultuous childhood

“A lot of times, when you’re in that situation, the only thing now is what you see. My dad went to prison for a drug conspiracy. My mom was on drugs… but I still loved her unconditionally. I still love my dad unconditionally, because my dad went out there and took chances to put food on the table for his family.”


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