At a Filipino restaurant in Floating Market, Global Village.


4 Filipino features you’ll love at Global Village


DUBAI – If you’re looking for your tribe at Global Village, we’re certain you won’t be disappointed. Filipinos, represent!

This year, Global Village made sure there’s plenty of Filipino representation on the global leisure venue—from food to entertainment.

Here are four uniquely “kabayan” things you should check out before Global Village closes its 25th season on May 2.

1. Filipino street food

In the first of firsts, this year’s Floating Market features three Filipino-themed restaurants offering Pinoy street food from popular to palpitating! Don’t miss the pancit, a delicious Filipino noodle dish, or give your taste buds a culinary dare with isaw, barbecued and skewered chicken intestines best eaten after being dunked in spiced vinegar!

2. Carnival ride with Filipino name

Also another first, a carnival ride at this year’s Global Village has been given a Filipino name. Manila Mayhem, actually. Don’t miss this gyrating flying saucer of sorts that spins you in all sorts of directions for your dose of fun and mayhem! Read more

3. Fiesta Street

Here’s your chance to catch up on the fiesta feels you missed in the Philippines. This year, Fiesta Street has been set up so you can stroll under the colorful string of banderitas (small flags) while taking your pick of street food from kiosks lining up Fiesta Street. And yes, take all the selfies you want!

4. Peers and perya

Filipinos love their perya, prize games that are popular at carnivals. Global Village’s Carnivals area this year is definitely a must-visit. There are lots of chances to snag those huge stuffed toys in game booths that are mostly staffed by Filipinos. If you’re nice, you might even get a winning advice or two!

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