A screenshot of the inspiring encounter at Clark International Airport.


Filipino almost missed Dubai trip, saved by cop


DUBAI – A Filipina who almost missed her flight to Dubai got unexpected help from a policeman at Clark International Airport in the Philippines.

Speaking to, Kristenne Joy Gaviola, who is in Dubai to visit her brother, said the incident happened on September 28.

Gaviola was at the airport where she paid travel tax of P1,620 (Dh115). She was also asked to pay a terminal fee of P600 (Dh42). Unfortunately, she only had P300 left in her wallet.

The 27-year-old said she thought of calling her brother for help and approached a nearby policeman for assistance.

“I approached police officer Lemsic because he looked closer to my age and I asked him if I could use his mobile phone to call my brother for help,” Gaviola told

“Then I realized that even if we were able to contact my brother, he wouldn’t be able to give me immediate help. So I decided to ask the police officer if he wanted to buy my mobile phone instead,” the Filipina said.

Gaviola recounted that the policeman appeared amused when she told him that she was selling her mobile phone because she needed P300 more to pay for the terminal fee.

“I turned away to leave and just go home when he unexpectedly handed me P300 from his wallet,” Gaviola said, “Instead of buying my mobile phone, he chose to help me and gave me the amount I needed without hesitation.”

“I thanked him for his kindness. He said I should take the money so I won’t get offloaded from the flight, and asked me to hurry along to the counter to pay the terminal fee,” she said.

What does Gaviola plan on bringing back to the Philippines from Dubai for the police officer? “Actually, he said he doesn’t need anything and doesn’t need me to repay the money either. He’s very kind. I hope there will be more policemen like him. Good looking with a heart,” she said.

The incident was praised by the Philippine National Police Global Police Community Relations (Global PCR) on their Facebook page.

Global PCR head and Chief Supt. Rhodel Sermonia, who spoke to in a previous interview, said the initiative aims to connect Filipinos abroad and allow them to assistance from Philippine-based law enforcement. ICA/Expat Media


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