Julius Ryan Carpio Libid, CEO of Dubai-based Golden Gate Educational Training Institute.


CEO gets candid about Dubai’s low-cost skills training

With changes in talent demands, upskilling and reskilling have never been more important if you want to stay relevant in the job market. Just ask Julius Ryan Carpio Libid, CEO of Dubai-based Golden Gate Educational Training Institute that is helping expats in the UAE invest in their career growth.

The mechanical engineer turned business owner tells Expat Media that it is his advocacy to help expats have access to low-cost but quality skills training in the UAE so they can advance in their careers and don’t feel stuck in a dead-end job.

Since opening last year, Golden Gate Educational Training Institute has trained hundreds of expats eyeing dream jobs as nursing assistants, caregivers, medical coders, technicians, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, engineers and more.

Its short courses benefit employees who want to upskill to seek new roles or learn new tricks in the trade, as well as blue-collar workers, including nannies, who want to be reskilled as nursing assistants or caregivers for the UK.

“Before we accept a student, we assess where they want to go in their career, guide them and then train them,” Libid says. Golden Gate Educational Training Institute offers training certification in medical healthcare, health and safety, media and arts and others. The institute is affiliated with American Caregiver Association and IELTS, and is the official testing site for American Medical Certification Association. It is also the only training institute in the UAE offering a training diploma in cement manufacturing engineering, Libid’s specialty.

“I started my career in the cement industry in the Philippines before coming here,” Libid says. He had a high-paying job, which he left for a promise of a bigger pay check in Dubai over 14 years ago.

“I did every single labourer’s job you would expect as an Overseas Filipino Worker, even wiping the floor. But I never gave up. After six months, things improved and I was able to bring my family here. The company also sent me for trainings in different countries,” he said.

This allowed him to take on bigger roles and find better opportunities in other companies. He also “tested the waters” by venturing into business starting in 2017. He ran an events company that organized concerts and sports events in the emirates. He also supplied staff uniforms to companies, and has two bubble tea brands in his business portfolio.

His experiences made Libid a firm believer of upskilling and reskilling to get ahead in the workplace.

Upskilling enhances an employee’s existing skill, while reskilling is teaching people new skills that they will need to transition into a new role, he explains.

At Golden Gate Educational Training Institute, he gets help from his team of instructors, who also includes his wife, who is a nurse by profession. “It was her passion for teaching her students and seeing them improve that inspired me to put up this training institute,” he says.

Get in touch: +971506891194 or +971543367329 or visit Office 705, Prime Medical Building, across Reef Mall, Dubai

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