Francis Matthew is the former editor-at-large of Gulf News.


Ex-Dubai editor who killed wife asks for court leniency


DUBAI – A former Dubai newspaper editor convicted of killing his wife in their Jumeirah home is asking for leniency in his appeal case.

The lawyers of Francis Matthew pleaded for a shorter jail term as the Briton appeared before the Dubai Court of Appeal on Wednesday.

Matthew, former editor-at-large of Gulf News, was sentenced to 10 years in jail last year for physical assault that led to his wife’s death on July 4, 2017.

According to records, he delivered deadly hammer blows to his wife’s head. Police found her dead on their bed when Matthew called to report that thieves had broken into their house and killed her while he was at work.

During questioning, Matthew later admitted to killing his wife, Jane, after a heated argument about their finances, claiming that she provoked him.

His prison term was later increased to 15 years when the court of appeal convicted him of premeditated murder.

The Dubai Court of Cassation later overturned his sentence and ordered a case review with a new panel of judges.

At his latest appeal hearing, Matthew’s lawyer argued that the former editor “never intended to kill his wife”.

“We are in the Year of Tolerance, your honour. This man lost his wife, his job and has been suffering as a result of this case. I plead that we take mercy on him,” his lawyer said. ICA/Expat Media


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