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3 things employers look for on your Facebook page


Job applicants should be mindful of what they post on social media because chances are, a prospective employer or recruiter is looking into them.

Workopolis said networking sites are being used increasingly by recruiters and hiring managers to seek out sources of talent and cited a survey that showed 44 percent of employers saying that they hired an applicant via social media.

But that is nothing compared to the 93 percent who say they search for an applicant’s social media accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter during the interview process to get an impression of the kind of person the applicant might be.

According to a recent survey, here are three things employers look for in social media profiles.

A candidate who is a good fit with the corporate culture.

Five out of 10 hiring managers said in the survey they want to see if the applicant will fit well with the corporate culture. “Think about it, your Facebook profile is a far more accurate portrait of what you’re really like than an employer could get from a screening questionnaire. In a questionnaire – you can always give the answers that you think an employer wants to hear. On Facebook your friends would call you out for ‘posing’ as something you’re not,” said Workopolis.

Qualifications of the candidate.

Is that candidate a good communicator when it comes to tweets or posts. Is the candidate articulate, intelligent, and friendly, or argumentative, belligerent, and foul-mouthed? Employers also double-check information on education, experience and previous jobs with what’s mentioned in the resume.

A creative candidate.

Workopolis said: “How you choose to use the latest networking tools and technologies can say a lot about how social, savvy and skilled you are. Employers will be looking to see how innovative and original you are in what you do online.”

The survey, meanwhile, showed also that 42 percent of hiring managers and recruiters said they changed their mind about whether or not to hire someone based on what they have found online.

Posts of sexual nature, illegal drug use, profanity, bad spelling and grammar, references to gun use, and photos of the candidate looking wasted after bingeing on alcohol turn off prospective employers. GAC/Expat Media


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