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When is Eid Al Adha 2019 in UAE?


DUBAI – Eid Al Adha in the UAE is likely to fall on August 11, with the new moon of the lunar month of Zul Hijjah expected to be seen on August 1, according to the International Astronomical Centre in Abu Dhabi.

Saudi Arabia will announce the sighting of the new moon, which is linked to the Haj season, said Mohammed Shawkat, director of the centre.

Ibrahim Al Jarwan of the Arab Union for Space and Astronomy Sciences (Auas) also said that the new moon of Zul Hijjah is expected to be sighted at around 7:11am on August 1 and will disappear from view 28 minutes after sunset.

Al Jarwan said this means that Eid Al Adha will fall on Sunday, August 11.

Last year, the new moon of Zul Hijjah was sighted on August 12, 2018, with Eid Al Adha falling on August 21, 2018.

This year, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources released a list of approved holidays for both private and public sectors.

In the list, Arafat (Haj) day will be a holiday on August 10, with August 11 to 13 also listed as official holidays for both private and public sector employees. ICA/Expat Media


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