Dubai: Top traders to share tips simplifying finance market trading for expats

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Top traders to share finance market tips to help expats at Dubai meet

Top traders in the UAE and the region are converging in Dubai this Saturday (May 11) to share their knowledge on how expats can learn digital trading and earn in the financial market using the latest technology.

Residents interested in learning about trading in foreign exchange, stocks and digital currency can join the FLEXX community’s convention at the 5-star Knight Castle Hotel in Deira. They can book their seat by calling or sending a WhatsApp message to 0503458537. Admission is free and registration starts at 6:30pm.

Speaking to Expat Media, trader and entrepreneur Joicee Patacsil said trading in the financial market has helped her live a debt-free lifestyle.

“I am making enough money to pay for my lifestyle. I feel that my future is secured. When I need money, I have it. I don’t need to borrow from people,” said Patacsil, who trades in the foreign exchange market as well as in digital currencies.

Patacsil, an HR consultant and co-owner of a business setup company in Dubai, said that people may find financial trading intimidating but new technologies are now available to make it easier and more accessible to people.

“I have been trading in foreign exchange since 2016. Most people think it is complicated, but apps and AI are now available to help you make informed decisions,” Patacsil said. She uses the Better Experience (BE) learning platform to help her trade in the Forex market, as well as in stocks and digital currency.

“I came to know about the BE tools through the FLEXX team. The platform is an all-in-one educational tool where you can learn trading through detailed courses about Forex, crypto, Blockchain and stocks, as well as attend live sessions with professional trading educators. It also has an app that helps you ‘copy’ trading done by top traders, as well as an AI-powered app that will do the trading work for you,” Patacsil explained.

“Think of it as an online university for trading,” says Jericho Orlina, another trader in the digital and financial market. Orlina vouches for BE, saying that the educational platform “supports experienced and beginner traders alike with apps and AI so they can confidently trade on their own.”

Orlina says financial market trading is a “side stream” of income online that lets you “increase your profits and grow your money daily.”

“If you are leaving your money in the bank, that money is barely going to make you two percent a year. But if you learn how to trade and grow your profit every week, now you are in control of your profit and are able to compound and grow your wealth,” Orlina said.

Felix Adiova, team leader at Team FLEXX BE, told Expat Media that he finds the platform a big help. Adiova, who has been trading in Philippine and global stocks in the last 10 years, said the educational platform is aligned with his goals.

“I wanted to share my knowledge about trading so more people can appreciate it benefits, but I couldn’t do it on a mass scale. The BE tools allowed me to do just that. It’s a great financial education resource,” he said. BE charges a subscription fee to users.

“I particularly like the copy-paste app where you can buy and sell in the real-time financial market. It is a more guided approach to trading, with better risk management. As a learning platform for the financial markets, BE fastens your learning curve so you can learn faster and also earn faster because all the professional courses are outlined,” he explained.

Adiova says he is looking forward to meeting expats and residents interested in entering the financial market trading through the Flexx community meeting this Saturday.

“Before, to be able to properly trade you needed four to six monitors. Now, you only need your mobile phone. That is why I always say, if you’re not earning from your phone, then it is a dumb phone, not a smart phone,” he quips. ICA/Expat Media

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What: FLEXX Community Convention
Where: Knight Castle Hotel, Deira, Dubai
When: May 11, registration starts at 6:30pm
Admission: Free
Contact: 0503458537

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