Dubai Museum of the Future: 5 new things to see during Eid Al Adha

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The Museum of the Future in Dubai.

Visitors are in for a surprise when they visit Dubai’s Museum of the Future during Eid Al Adha.

The futuristic museum located along Sheikh Zayed Road is showcasing five pioneering innovations for visitors to explore.

First stop is a cutting-edge robotic arm that can take videos with exceptional precision. The robotic videographer gives a glimpse of the future of videography.

Visitors can also explore the “Tomorrow Today” exhibition showcasing technologies, including prototypes that are poised to reshape the world, including 3D-printed reef habitats called Modular Artificial Reef Structures to protect marine ecosystems.

At the “Future Heroes” floor, children explore, create, and imagine via activities such as high-tech climbing or writing and drawing on walls using light.

At the “Heal Institute”, visitors can use artificial intelligence and bioengineering and experiment with the “Ecosystem Simulator” to explore new species of plants, animals, and insects and observe their impact on the planet’s ecosystem.

At the “Al Waha Exhibit”, visitors can stimulate their senses in meditation and self-connection. Under a dome of light and water, visitors can step into the “Meditation Centre” for a round of Stillness Therapy. There are also other therapeutic experiences such as Feeling Therapy, Connection Therapy, and Grounding Therapy. ICA/Expat Media

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