Dubai: Life in jail upheld for European expat who tortured daughter to death

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A European woman who tortured her daughter to death will serve life in jail after the Dubai Court of Appeal upheld a verdict by the lower court.

The court also sentenced the family’s male household worker to one month in jail for failing to report the crime to authorities.

The case dates back to June last year in The Villa area, when the victim’s family reported that she drowned in the bathtub. However, paramedics who arrived at the scene reported that the girl’s death was suspicious after they saw signs of torture, burns and bruises on her body.

Police launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death and interrogated the victim’s mother and younger sibling.

The mother accused the family’s household worker of committing the crime. The worker had flown out of the country on the day of the incident. A warrant was issued against him and he was arrested by Interpol when he arrived at the airport in his country.

During interrogation, the worker denied killing the girl, and said that he noticed the woman torturing and physically abusing her daughter.

He also told police that a day before the crime, the mother locked up her daughter inside her room and that the next morning, the woman gave him the room key and told him to wake up the girl. He said that upon entering the bedroom, he did not find the girl, but he could hear the sound of water running in the bathroom. He said that when he opened the bathroom door, he found that water was running on the child’s face and she was motionless in the bathtub.

He said that when he went to tell the woman what happened, she reacted calmly. He told police that he then decided to flee the country for fear of being accused of killing the girl.

When police confronted the woman with the testimony from her household worker, she confessed to physically abusing her daughter and leaving her in the bathtub that led to her death. ICA/Expat Media

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